Figure-8 Fiber Cable Anchor Tension Clamp

AC-F8-37/69 Figure-8 aerial cable anchor tension clamp for aerial optical fiber cable w/ 3-7mm or 6-9mm messenger wire

General Details

FOCONEC offers Figure-8 Fiber Optic Cable Anchor Tension Clamp, which is widely used to anchor figure-8 self-supporting fiber drop cables.

It has self-adjusted wedges and is appropriate for use with FRP or Kevlar messenger.

With stainless steel bail, this dead-end anchor clamp could be pole or wall installed by using brackets, hooks.

In order to meet flexible installation, our anchoring clamps, and cable brackets, hardware fittings are available either separately or assembled together, to realize flexible installation.

This dead-end anchor tension clamp allows an easy, direct dead-ending of aerial figure-8 cable with a self-supporting messenger, without additional tools used.


  • Stainless steel bail, fiberglass reinforced plastic clamp
  • 230mm or customized bail length
  • Fully assembled before shipment
  • Suitable for self-supporting Figue-8 fiber cable with FRP, Kevlar messenger
  • Self-adjusting clamp wedges, suitable for aerial fiber cable with 3~7mm or 6~9mm messenger
  • Operation temperature range from –60 °C up to +60 °C
  • Anti-aging, corrosion resistance for long time use
  • Customized anchor clamp solutions available

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