Anchoring Tension Clamp, Aluminum, Small Size, High Strength

AC-F8 small size dead-end anchoring tension clamp for self-supporting figure-8 fiber cable with stainless steel or aluminum alloy messenger

General Details

FOCONEC offers small size Dead End Anchoring Tension Clamp for self-supporting figure 8 fiber cable with stainless steel or aluminum alloy messenger.

Figure 8 Fiber Cable with Metal Strengthen Member

Figure 8 Fiber Cable with Metal Strengthen Member

This anchoring clamp is self-adjusted and appropriate for use with a steel messenger. It features reduced dimensions for easier handling, high mechanical, and climatic resistance.

Our anchoring dead end clamp allows easy and quick operation, securing of self-supporting fiber optic cables with 4 to 10mm diameter over short distances (max 150 meters).

Fiber Cable Dead End Anchoring Clamp metal typeThe stainless steel loop allows the installation of the tension clamp on a wall or pole with a bracket or hook. During anchoring of fiber optical cable, they guarantee no cable insulation damages or slipping.

This Anchoring clamp and fixing bracket/hook are available either separately or together as an assembly.


  • Dead-end mounted tension clamp, anchoring clamp
  • Stainless steel bail, aluminum clamp
  • Fully assembled before shipment
  • Suitable for self-supporting fiber cable with metal strengthen messenger
  • Self-adjusting cable clamp, covering cables with 3-10mm diameter
  • No tools required, easy to operate
  • High strength aluminum

Order Guide:

TypeBail Length (mm)Messenger Diameter (mm)MBL (KN)MaterialWeight (kg)Cable Type
AC-F8-065204-75.5Alu. alloyZinc Alloy0.19Fig-8 fiber cable
AC-F8-085005-1080.34Fig-8 fiber cable

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