Fiber Wall Socket Outlets, 2 Fiber Termination Box

FOB-P0810-2F wall mount fiber outlet box, w/ SC simplex or LC duplex adapters, 2 port, indoor used

General Details

Fiber Wall Socket Outlets, 2 Fiber Termination Box

FOCONEC supplies FOB-P0810-2F Fiber Wall Socket Outlets to terminate outdoor to indoor fiber drop cables. It is widely used as a Fiber Optic Faceplate used to terminate and connect fiber optic cables within a building, providing an interface for fiber optic connections at a wall-mounted point.

wall mount fiber termination box SC 2 port inner structure

This wall-mount fiber optic outlet box provides end-users with a fiber cable termination solution in FTTH, FTTO, and FTTB networks.

Our fiber wall socket outlets are suitable to fix SC, ST, FC simplex, and LC duplex adapters, therefore, to realize 2 fibers or max 4 fibers splices.

This indoor fiber termination box has a turnable splice tray, which could terminate and accommodate max 4 fiber splices.

When setting up a fiber network within a building, these wall socket boxes are strategically placed at locations where fiber connectivity is needed, providing a point for users to connect their devices to the fiber optic network.

The installation process involves mounting fiber wall socket outlets securely on a wall, terminating incoming fiber optic cables within the box, and ensuring that the connectors or adapters match the type of fibers used in the network to establish proper connections.


  • Termination Point: It serves as a termination point for incoming fiber optic cables, allowing connections to be made within a building.
  • Ports or Interfaces: These boxes have ports or interfaces where fiber optic connectors (such as SC, LC, etc.) can be inserted to establish connections.
  • Wall-Mounted: They are designed to be mounted on a wall, making them convenient for access and connection while also keeping the fiber connections organized and protected.
  • Indoor Use: Typically, these boxes are suitable for indoor applications, offering a point of connection for fiber optics within homes, offices, or other indoor environments.
  • Variety of Configurations: Similar to outlet boxes, these sockets come in various configurations, accommodating different connector types and quantities based on the required connections.
  • Embedded Cover: easy to open, screw-locked, better safety.
  • Turnable Inner Splice Tray, easy for fiber cable termination, max 4 fiber fusion splices
  • Flexible Fiber Cable Termination: 3 fiber drop cable inlets/outlets, and bottom fiber cable entrance available.
  • Connector Types: single-mode, multimode SC, LC adapters, and fiber optic pigtails are available.

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