Fiber Wall Socket Outlet, 2 Fiber Termination Box

FOB-P0810-2F wall mount fiber outlet box, w/ SC simplex or LC duplex adapters, 2 port, indoor used

General Details

FOCONEC supplies FOB-P0810-2F Fiber Wall Socket Outlet to terminate outdoor to indoor fiber drop cables.

wall mount fiber termination box SC 2 port inner structure

This wall mount fiber optic outlet box provides end-users a fiber cable termination solution in FTTH, FTTO, FTTB networks.

Our fiber wall socket outlet box is suitable to fix SC, ST, FC simplex, LC duplex adapters, therefore, to realize 2 fibers or max 4 fibers splices.

This fiber termination box is with a turnable splice tray, which could terminate and accommodate max 4 fiber splices.

The embedded top cover is easy to open for on-site operation, and the cover could be locked by screw.


  • Indoor outlet fiber box, wall mounted
  • Embedded cover, easy to open
  • Turnable inner splice tray, easy for fiber cable termination, splices
  • 3 fiber drop cable inlets/outlets
  • Bottom fiber cable entrance available for flexible fiber cable termination
  • Screw locked cover, better inner fiber protection
  • Max 4 fiber splices
  • Single-mode, multimode SC, LC adapters, fiber optic pigtails for options
  • Empty fiber outlet box available

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