Compact Fiber Splice Holder 12 Core, Black Color

FSHA-PB12F fusion fiber splice holder, 12 fiber, plastic in black/white color, used in splice trays or compact wall mount fiber termination boxes

General Details

Compact Fiber Splice Holder 12 Core, Black Color

FOCONEC offers FSHA-PB12F Fiber Splice Holder 12 Core, which is used separately or assembled in our FOST-A24F or FOST-D24F fiber optic splice tray to accommodate fusion fiber splice protector sleeves.

Each splice holder has 6 grooves, each groove could hold 2 pieces of 40mm fiber splice protection sleeves with 2.5mm diameter, and hold 12 splices maximumly.

We could use it separately in small size wall mount fiber terminal boxes, wall outlet fiber boxes, DIN mount fiber enclosures.

This splice holder could fix with adhesive tape in small wall mount fiber boxes.

Our fiber splice holder is produced with PP material and meets the UL94-V2 flame retardant grade.

The color could be black, white, or crystal clear for the option.



  • Fiber splice holder 12 core
  • Small size, 6 grooves, max hold 12 heat shrinkable sleeves
  • PP flame retardant material used
  • Separately used in compact fiber boxes, fixed by using double side adhesive tape
  • Black or crystal clear fiber splice holder for the option
  • Suitable for 2.5*40mm or 2.5*60mm heat shrinkable sleeves

One-panel DIN Rail Fiber Enclosure Box, SC Adapter Panel, 12 Port

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