Fiber Patch Cord SC to LC, Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Cable

SC/LC drop fiber patch cable in G657.A2 BI fiber, outdoor to indoor installation, 1/2/4 cores fiber cables with LSZH or PU sheath

General Details

FOCONEC produces Fiber Patch Cord SC to LC, produced with round indoor/outdoor fiber cable.

round fiber optic drop cable wire

Our fiber drop cable wire contains a tight buffer in the G657.A2 bend-insensitive fiber and surrounded by dielectric strength members and an LSZH or PU outer jacket.

It eliminates the need to change an outdoor fiber cable to an indoor-rated fiber cable and provides durability and reliability in the drop segment of a fiber access network.


  • Indoor/outdoor fiber patch cord cable, SC to LC
  • Flame retardant LSZH, TPU cable jacket in black color, UV resistance
  • Waterproof aramid yarns
  • Bend-insensitive G657.A2 fiber, smaller bend radius,
  • 3mm round outer jacket, easy to bend, suitable for fiber cabling in limit space and small angle
  • SC/UPC, SC/APC, LC/UPC, LC/APC or customized fiber optic connectors terminated
  • Custom cable lengths, label marks


  • Fiber To The Home
  • Local area networks
  • CATV networks

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3.0mm Fiber Drop Cable:

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