Fiber Patch Cable Breakout Kit 12 Core, 2mm Fanout

DBK2-A02-12 breakout kit for 12 core round distribution fiber optic cable, strength up to 2.0mm fanout legs, metal type

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General Details

FOCONEC designs DBK2-A02-12 Fiber Patch Cable Breakout Kit 12 Core to produce distribution fiber patch cables with harnessed fanout legs.

By adding this fiber cable breakout kit and loose tubes on tight buffer fibers, we couldfiber cable breakout kit 12 core 2.0mm fanout legs strengthen 0.9mm fibers of the 12 cores distribution fiber cable up to 2.0mm fanouts.

This fiber cable breakout kit is comprised of the aluminum housing. It is lightweight and strong enough to protect breakout fibers. Screw lock structure makes it simple and easy to use.


  • Fiber patch cable breakout kit, 12 core
  • Suitable 12 strand fiber optic distribution cable with 7.0mm diameter
  • 2.0mm fanout legs
  • Metal type, strong protection for inner fibers
  • Plastic breakout kit available for the option

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