Fiber Optic Wall Outlet Box, 2 Port, for FTTH, Work Area

FOB-P130-2P 2 port fiber optic wall outlet box, suitable for FTTH indoor application or wall area fiber termination

General Details

Fiber Optic Wall Outlet Box, 2 Port, for FTTH, Work Area

FOCONEC Technologies supplies FOB-P130-2P fiber optic wall outlet box 2 Port. We widely use it as a fiber cable termination box or fiber access terminal for fiber drop cables from outdoors to the home and work area.

This fiber optic wall outlet has a stretchable cover and offers better protection outside SC or LC fiber optic connectors.

As an FTTH wall outlet box, it is fit for assembling 2 SC simplex adapters or 2 LC duplex adapters. This fiber socket outlet box is suitable for accommodating 2 fusion fiber splices, or max 4 LC to LC connector couplings where fiber splices are not required.

As an FTTH solution, this wall-mount fiber outlet box is sometimes called a wall-mount faceplate, surface mount terminal box, or wall socket box in the home/office to protect entrance drop fiber cables.

surface mount fiber outlet box, FTTH fiber termination box FOB-P130
surface mount outlet, fiber termination box FOB-P130-SC2P


  • Fiber optic wall outlet box, w/ stretchable front cover, better fiber protection
  • Indoor wall mount
  • Box base and cover adopts “self-clip” method, easy and convenient to open and close
  • Max 2 fiber fusion splices
  • Suitable for SC simplex, LC duplex adapters
  • Single-mode, multimode SC or LC adapters, pigtails available
  • Plastic material, environmentally friendly
  • Single packed in the carton box

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