Fiber Optic Outlet Box SC / LC 2 Port, Wall Mount

FOB-86S-2F fiber outlet box, wall surface mounted, 2 port FTTH surface mount oulets

General Details

Fiber Optic Outlet Box SC / LC 2 Port, Wall Mount, Easy Operated

FOB-86S-2F Wall Mount Fiber Optic Outlet Box 2 Port is used as a fiber termination, distribution box for optical fibers from outdoors to indoors, even to the desk. This fiber box is also called a wall mount faceplate, surface mount box, or wall socket, suitable for FTTH application.

Our FOB-86S-2F fiber wall outlet has a slide-lock lid. easy to install. It is suitable for mounting SC, LC adapters, and max 2 fiber splices.

It is widely in houses or work areas and provides optical data access for users.


  • Fiber optic outlet box, wall mount
  • Standard 86x86mm dimension¬†
  • ABS box, slide-lock lid, easy to open and manage
  • Max 2 fiber splices, optional assembled with SC or LC fiber pigtails, adapters
  • SC shutter adapter for the option
  • Store over-length fiber inside
  • Bottom fiber cable entrance
  • Fiber splice holder integrated


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Order Guide

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