One-Click Fiber Optic Cleaner for SC, FC, ST Ferrules and Adapters

FOC-250 fiber optic cleaner for 250um ferrules, SC/FC/ST adapters, over 800 times cleanings

General Details

Fiber Optic Cleaner for SC, FC, ST Ferrules and Adapters, Over 800 Times

FOC-250 fiber optic cleaner designed for SC, FC, and ST connectors and adapters, capable of cleaning over 800 times, a high-quality maintenance tool for ensuring optimal performance of fiber optic connections.

Regular cleaning is crucial for preventing signal loss and maintaining network efficiency in fiber optic systems. This cleaner likely employs specialized materials and techniques to gently remove contaminants such as dust, oil, and debris from ferrules and adapters without causing damage. It’s essential for maintaining reliable data transmission in telecommunications, networking, and other applications reliant on fiber optics.


  • Over 800 times application
  • Compliant with EU/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS)
  • Apply to universal 2.5mm SC/FC/ST (PC, APC, UPC) connectors
  • Easy to use
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