Fiber Optic Blank Plug SC Simplex or LC Duplex

FABP-SCSX SC simplex blank plug / insert, suitable to cover SC simplex or LC duplex adapter position on fiber enclosures, distribution patch panels

General Details

FOCONEC manufactures FABP-SCSX Fiber Optic Blank Plug to cover unused SC Simplex Adapter or LC duplex adapter positions on rack/wall mount fiber optic patch panels, fiber enclosures, distribution boxes.

This SC simplex blank plug is also suitable for LC duplex adapter with SC mounting footprint.

adapter panel w/ blank plugs

Sometimes, not all adapter positions in fiber panels are loaded adapters immediately but need to leave for future fiber network expansion. In order to ensure a tidy and professional fiber cable installation and maintenance, we need blank inserts or plugs to cover the blank positions left for installing SC simplex or LC duplex adapters.

Our blank plugs are designed with elastic clips on both sides. It is very easy to insert and remove to fix fiber optic adapters.

Our blanking plugs are made of PC in black color, and the customized color is available as per request.


  • Blank plug for SC simplex or LC duplex fiber optic adapter
  • Standard mounting dimension, easy use.
  • Used on fiber optic patch panels, boxes, LIU
  • Environmental friendly material used
  • Black color or customized color available

Order Guide:

blank plug for SC simplex adapter or LC duplex adapter

blank plug for SC simplex adapter or LC duplex adapter

Order Guide
  1. Part Number:  FABP-SCSX-B
  2. Material:  PC
  3. Color:  Black
  4. Application:  SC simplex adapter position


What can we do for you?
What can we do for you?

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