Fiber Cable Management Spool for Fiber Panels, Enclosures

FCS-RB120 round fiber cable wire spool, suitable to install in 2U, 3U, 4U rack mount fiber enclosure, or wall mount fiber patch panel, LIU

General Details

FOCONEC supplies round FCS-RB120 Fiber Cable Management Spool to storage overlength fiber cable wires in fiber enclosures, patch panels, termination boxes, etc. It is suitable for single or pair use.

Fiber Management Spool Used In Fiber Enclosures

Our cable wire spool is produced with flame retardant plastic in black color, suitable for rack mount or wall mount fiber enclosures, distribution panels, LIU, etc.


  • Round fiber cable management spool
  • Flame retardant plastic used
  • Round design with fingers, easy for cable storage and management
  • Suitable for rack & wall mount fiber enclosures, distribution boxes

Order Guide:

ProduceFiber Cable Wire Spool
Part No.FCS-RB120
Dimension(D*H)120*32 mm
Temperature Range -40°C- +55°C


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