Fiber Adapter Panel, SC, Multimode, w/ 6 Simplex Adapters

6 port fiber adapter panel w/ SC multimode simplex adapters, fit LGX compatible fiber patch panels, enclosures or boxes, 1.5mm SPCC

General Details

FOCONEC produces SC Fiber Adapter Panel Multimode, with 6 SC/SC simplex adapters multimode in beige color.

This SC-SC adapter panel has 118mm hole to hole dimension in order to install in LGX compatible fiber patch panels, distribution panels, termination boxes, enclosures, LIU, etc.

Our SC adapters/couplers are with ceramic mating sleeves inner assembled, fully optical tested in the factory. All adapters are screw fixed on fiber panel for stable fiber connectors coupling.


  • standard footprint, well match LGX fiber patch panels
  • 6 port fiber adapter panel, multimode SC adapters loaded
  • SPCC, black powder-coated
  • Snap-in fasteners, easy to install, move, add and change for various network deployment
  • Individual plastic bag packed
  • Customized labels available

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