LGX Fiber Adapter Panel LC, 24 Port, w/ 6 Quad Multimode Adapters

24 port fiber optic adapter panel, 6 quad LC adapters loaded for LC to LC connection in OM3/OM4 fiber, 1.5mm SPCC, black powder coated

General Details

LGX Fiber Adapter Panel LC 24 Port, w/ 6 Quad Multimode Adapters

LGX Fiber Adapter Panel LC 24 Port is a high-density fiber panel, which is assembled LC quad adapters in beige color.

This LC-LC adapter panel plate is with standard LGX dimensions, suitable for kinds of LGX compatible fiber patch panels, enclosures, LIU, chassis, etc.

The LC multimode adapters are precise plastic housings and inner ceramic mating sleeves, ROHS compliant, and 100% optically tested.

Our LC fiber optic adapter panel 24 port is easy to install, remove, add, and change, giving more flexibility for various fiber cable terminations & connections.

Except for multimode adapters, we also have single-mode, multimode 10 Gigabit LC quad adapters available for options.


  • LGX mounting footprint
  • Multimode LC quad adapters in beige color, fully optical tested
  • 24 port in one slot space, suitable for high-density fiber connection
  • 18 gauge steel, black powder-coated
  • Screwed fiber adapters, minimize shaking, more stable optical performance
  • Customized print, logo available

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