FC/APC-FC/APC Patch Cord, Single-mode, Simplex Fiber Cable

FC/APC to FC/APC fiber patch cord, simplex fiber cable in single-mode 9/125 fiber, 2.0mm/3.0mm diameter, customized cable length

General Details

FC/APC-FC/APC Patch Cord, Single-mode, Simplex Fiber Cable

FC/APC-FC/APC Patch Cord in single-mode fiber is a fiber jumper cable featuring FC connectors with APC (Angled Physical Contact) polish on both ends. It is widely used to interconnect fiber optic communication devices, like fiber panels, optic transceivers, receivers, etc.

The FC/APC patch cord provides a reliable and secure connection for transmitting optical signals. The fiber cable assembly is designed to withstand bending and handling, ensuring long-term performance in various environments.

FC/APC-SC/APC patch cord is available in single-mode, or multimode fiber to meet the perfect connection of long-distance, high-speed data transmission systems in data centers, FTTx, and CATV networks.


  • Cable Structure: duplex zip fiber optic cable
  • Connector:  FC/APC
  • Fiber: Single-mode G652D, bend-insensitive G657.A1, G657.A2, G657.B2 available too
  • Cable Diameter: 3.0mm or 2.0mm
  • Jacket:  PVC, PVC riser, plenum, LSZH rated fiber cable available
  • Customized cable length, cable print, label available
  • 100% optically tested
  • Now less one-year quality warranty

  • Telecommunications: FC/APC-FC/APC patch cords are commonly used in telecommunications networks for high-speed data transmission over long distances. They are ideal for applications requiring low back reflection and high signal integrity, such as fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) installations and long-haul communication links.
  • CATV (Cable Television): In CATV systems, FC/APC-FC/APC patch cords are employed for connecting optical components, such as amplifiers, splitters, and optical transmitters/receivers, ensuring high-quality transmission of TV signals over fiber optic cables.
  • Testing and Measurement: These patch cords are also utilized in fiber optic testing and measurement applications, where accurate signal analysis and measurement of optical parameters are essential. The APC polishing helps maintain signal integrity during testing procedures, ensuring reliable and accurate results.
  • Data Centers: FC/APC-FC/APC patch cords are deployed in data center environments for interconnecting networking equipment, such as switches, routers, and servers. Their low back reflection and high signal integrity characteristics contribute to reliable data transmission in high-density data center environments.

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