Empty Fiber Adapter Panel, SC Simplex / LC Duplex Adapters

empty fiber optic adapter panel, fix SC simplex adapter or LC duplex adapter, SC 6 port, LC 12 port fiber adapter plate

General Details

Empty Fiber Adapter Panel for SC Simplex / LC Duplex Adapters is a metal fiber panel suitable to assemble 6 SC simplex or LC duplex adapters.

FOCONEC manufactures fiber adapter panels or adapter plates mounted on LGX compatible high-density fiber patch panels or enclosures.

Our empty fiber adapter panel is available with snap-in fasteners assembled to allow easy installation, moves, additions, and changes.

More fiber optic adapters, port configurations provide modular, flexible connectivity solutions for high-density fiber optic systems.


  • Empty fiber adapter, suitable for 6 SC simplex adapters or LC duplex adapters
  • LGX footprint
  • SPCC material
  • Durable black powder-coated steel
  • Pre-assembled adapter panels available

Order Guide of Fiber Adapter Panels, Empty:

Order Guide of Fiber Adapter Panels, w/ Adapters:

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