FTTH Fiber Optic Cable, Duct Installed, Steel Tape Armored

General Details

FOCONEC offers Duct Installed FTTH Fiber Optic Cable. It has a round outer jacket and a flat drop fiber cable inside.

The fibers are bend-insensitive G657.A1 or G657.A2 type. This FTTH fiber optic cable has a round outer jacket, strengthened armor, and water-blocking tape, It is suitable for aerial and duct drop installation, widely used in long-distance or local area networks.


  • Free from ointment filling, lightweight and easy to be connected and installed
  • BI fiber used
  • Water-blocking tape used, water-resistance and humidity resistance
  • Metal tape armored, better tensile strength, anti-biting
  • PE sheath, more rigid protection


  • Indoor horizontal cabling and vertical cabling in the building
  • Suitable for aerial and duct drop installation
  • Long-distance and local area network communication

Cable Specification:



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