Dome Fiber Splice Splice Closure, 48 Cores, Mechanical Seal

FOSC-GJS-DM104 vertical(dome) type 6-48 fiber optic splice closure, 4 cable inlets/outlets, mechanical sealed, 288mm*178mm(H*Φ), waterproof, PC material used

General Details

Our dome-type FOSC-GJS-DM104 dome Fiber Splice Splice Closure 48 Cores for fiber link system. It has 4 mechanical sealed cable ports.FOSC-GJS-DM104 mechanical seal splice closure 48 fiber splices

As a vertically mounted fiber cable joint box, this fiber splice enclosure 48 cores is suitable for aerial, duct, or buried applications, and widely used to protect optical fiber splices of two fiber cables or as a distribution hub to splitting fibers.

We use high-strength PC engineering plastic material for fiber splice enclosures. It ensures more than 30 years of fiber cable protection in anti-aging and harsh environments.

FOCONEC offers horizontal and dome fiber optic splice enclosures to meet different installation needs. The splice closures feature reasonable structures, high strength plastic material, reliable long-lasting sealing, excellent resealing performance for reuses, quick and easy installation.


  • dome fiber closure, PC material
  • 4 cable inlets/outlets, mechanical sealed
  • 6/12 fiber splice splices assembled, covering 6, 12, 24, 48 fiber splices
  • Long-lasting sealing, and excellent resealing performance
  • Reasonable design, easy to open and seal
  • Temperature ranges from -40 to +65℃


  • Aerial, underground, wall-mounting or wall-mounting in duct 

Order Guide:

Enclosure Dimension288 x Φ178 mm
Housing MaterialPC (Polycarbonate)
Number of inlet/outlet ports4 ports
Suitable Diameter of CablesMax Φ17mm
Fibers/Tray6 or 12 fiber
Splice capacity48 fibers

Order Guide




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