Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure, 96 Core, Mechanical Seal

FOSC-GJS-DM204 vertical(dome) 12-96 fiber optic splice closure, 4 cable entry ports, mechanically sealed, 430mm*190mm(H*D)

General Details

FOCOCNEC supplies FOSC-GJS-DM204 Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure. This fiber cable splice closure has 4 cable inlets/outlet ports, which are mechanically sealed by screws.Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure, 4 Cable Ports, Mechanical Seal, 96 cores

The splice capacity of this fiber optic splice enclosure could be 24, 48, or 96 cores for bundle fiber cables or max 288 cores for ribbon fiber cables.

We use this dome fiber cable splice enclosure as a junction box to protect fusion fiber splices or as branch applications of optical fiber cables. It is suitable for aerial, duct, underground, or hand-holes applications.

We use high-strength PC engineering plastic for our fiber splice closures, to realize a long time fiber cable protection in harsh environments.



  1. Vertically mounted fiber optic splice enclosure
  2. 4 cable entry ports, mechanically sealed
  3. Splice Capacity: 24, 48, 96 core(trunk cable), 144 cores(ribbon cable)
  4. PC material used, anti-aging, UV resistant
  5. IP68 waterproof
  6. Reasonable design, easy to open and seal
  7. long-lasting sealing gasket, excellent resealing performance
  8. Temperature ranges from -40℃ to +65℃


  • Aerial, underground, wall-mounting or wall-mounting in duct

Order Guide:

Enclosure Dimension430 x φ190 mm
Housing MaterialPC (Polycarbonate)
Number of inlet/outlet ports4 ports
Diameter of CablesΦ8 ~ Φ16 mm
Fibers/Tray24 fiber, 4 pcs
Splice Capacity96 fibers
Protection LevelIP68
Weight2500g ~ 3100g /pcs
Number of Packing10 pcs/ctn
Inner Carton Size200x170x425 mm
Outer Carton Size880x420x445 mm

Order Guide




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