DIN Rail Mount Single-panel Fiber Box, FC 12 Core

WFB-DSL1P single-panel wall or DIN rail mountable fiber patch panel box, FC adapter panel, max 12 fiber splices

General Details

FOCONEC manufactures WFB-DSL1P FC 12 core single-panel fiber box, having one LGX adapter panel fully loaded 12 FC simplex adapters.

By using a DIN rail clip, this fiber box could be mounted on a DIN rail. It is suitable for indoor applications as a surface mount wall outlet, termination box to terminate, distribute entrance fiber cables.

One splice holder is attached for accommodating 12 fiber heat-shrink sleeves. As per customers’ needs, our fiber boxes are available fully loaded FC adapters, FC pigtails in single-mode, or multimode fiber.

This single-panel FC fiber box is suitable to install in a networking closet, fiber optic communication room, corridor, or anywhere with smaller mounting space, and no need expense of heavy-duty wall-mounted fiber enclosures.

25mm DIN Rail Clamp for Fiber Box, LIU


  • One panel fiber box/enclosure, LGX compatible
  • Cold rolled steel or aluminum, black powder-coated
  • Wall or DIN rail mounted(DIN clip available as an option)
  • Latched cover, easy for on-site operation and cable management
  • Single-mode, multimode LC adapter panels available
  • One splice holder, max accommodating 12 core fiber splices
  • 2 cable inlet/outlet

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