Compact Fiber Optic Adapter Panel, SC-SC , 12 Port, 110 Style

compact 6 port fiber optic adapter panel, SC simplex adapters, fiber adapter plate for 4 adapter panel fiber patch panel, enclosure, LIU

General Details

FOCONEC designs and produces compact SC-SC Fiber Optic Adapter Panel 12 port.

Compact SC-SC Fiber Optic Adapter Panel 12 Port

SC-SC Fiber Optic Adapter Panel 12 Port

Compare to LGX fiber adapter panels, this SC Fiber Adapter Panel has a smaller 110mm width, suitable to fix on 4-panel type 1U fiber enclosures, or straight-through type rack mount fiber patch panel.

This SC 12 port fiber panel has 6 duplex SC single-mode or multimode adapters. All SC adapters are with ceramic mating sleeves and fully optically tested.

Adapters on the SC Adapter Panel are fixed by screws to realize stable SC connector to SC connector couplings.

All fiber adapter panels are assembled snap-in fasteners to allow easy installation, moves, adds, and changes.


  • 110mm adapter panel width
  • loaded 6 duplex SC adapters
  • Single-mode, multimode adapter for options
  • Small width, realize high-density fiber connections in a limited rack space
  • Cold rolled steel, durable black powder-coated

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