Cable Management Bracket Panel, 1U, 19″ rack mounted

CMP-F1U cable management panel, 1U rack-mounted frame, SPCC material, 5 cable rings available, black powder coated

General Details

CMP-F1U Fiber Cable Management Bracket Panel is a 19″ rack mount cable leading manager.

By using this cable manager, we could organize, lead fiber cables from fiber patch panels, enclosures to other network equipment, or devices on network racks.

We recommend using this 1U fiber cable management panel with fiber patch panels, LIU with the same rack spaces.

It will make fiber cable management more flexible, cost-effective.


  • Cable management bracket, lacing panel, 1RU
  • Used to manage fiber cables on network racks
  • 19″ rack-mounted
  • Material: cold-rolled steel or Aluminum
  • Surface Finishing:¬† black powder-coated





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