Blank Fiber Adapter Panel For Patch Panel Enclosure, LGX 1 Slot

blank fiber adapter panel 1 slot for LGX fiber patch panels, enclosures, boxes, black powder-coated fiber panel w/ snap-in fasteners.

General Details

We use Blank Fiber Adapter Panel LGX 1 Slot to fill in the unused adapter panel positions on LGX compatible rack or wall mount fiber patch panels, enclosures, or boxes.

Blank fiber adapter panels make our rack mount fiber optic panels, wall mount enclosures, boxes a neat, clean & finished appearance.

Our blank fiber adapter panel has snap-in fasteners assembled to allow easy installation, moves, additions, and changes for future fiber network capacity expansion.


  • Standard LGX mounting footprint
  • cold rolled steel, black powder-coated
  • Snap-in installation, easy to install, remove
  • Compatible with LGX rack or wall mount fiber panels & enclosures

This blank adapter panel could cover positions of following LGX adapter panels.


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