Indoor/Outdoor Armored Fiber Optic Cable, 1 Core

General Details

Indoor/Outdoor Armored Fiber Optic Cable, 1 Core

FOCONEC produces 1 core Armored Fiber Optic Cable in single-mode or multimode fibers. The cables are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. With armored tube built-in, they have better performance of anti-bite, anti-crush than loose tube indoor simplex fiber cable, so could be used in harsh environment.

Cable Structure:

armored fiber cable 1 core


  • Used in all kinds of general optical
  • Use to terminate pigtails and patch cords
  • Used in connectors in optical communication equipment rooms and optical distribution frame
  • Used as optical apparatus connectors


  • Flexible armored fiber optic cable, indoor/outdoor used
  • LSZH or TPU cable sheath
  • Good mechanical and environmental characteristics
  • Soft, flexible, solid, easy to splice
  • Applied to the optical long-distance, field, building wiring, trunking connectors
  • Flame retardant characteristics and meets the requirements of relevant standards
  • Meet various requirements of market and clients

4、Cable Parameters

Cable typeCable Diameter (mm)SUS Tube Diameter (mm)Fiber Diameter (mm)

Cable TypeCable Diameter (mm)Cable Weight (KG/KM)Tensile (N)Bend radius (mm)*Crush (N/100mm)

* all the values in table 2, which are for reference only.

Options Available:

  • Type of Fiber:
    • Single-mode fiber:  G652D、G657.A1, G657.A2
    • Multimode fiber: 50/125、62.5/125、OM3
  • The Material of the Jacket:
    • PVC、LSZH、TPU、ETFE or other contracted material
  • Color of Jacket:
    • Single-mode: blue, grey, or black
    • Multimode: orange, grey, or black
    • OM3: aqua or black
    • customized color available
    • black color preferred for outdoor application
  • Stainless Steel Tube:
    • SUS304, SUS204, or other contracted material
  • Other Requirements :
    • Other contracted individual requirements

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