Aluminium Horizontal Rack Mount Cable Manager 1U

General Details

HCM-A1U Horizontal Rack Mount Cable Manager is an Aluminum cable management panel.

We use it to organize, protect and manage cables in server racks, server cabinets, and enclosures. It meets ANSI/TIA/EIA installation guidelines for copper cables and fibers.

Designed with fingers and front cover, it could make fiber and/or copper cables management more easy & good looking.

We could mount this cable manager horizontally on 19″ network racks or cabinets, offering a cost-saving solution for neat fiber cable management.

It easy to move, add and change on-site, saving time and money.


  • Horizontal rack-mount cable manager, 1U
  • Metal cover available, neat appearance
  • suitable for 19″ network racks/cabinets
  • Aluminum material
  • Black or white powder coated











Order Guide
Product1U horizontal cable manager
Part NumberFCM-A1U1255 / FCM-A1U1270
Colorblack or customized
Mounting19 inch rack or cabinet, horizontal
MOQ50 pcs

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