ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamp, Dead End Tension Clamp, Plastic Housing

AC-P05 ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamp, dead-end grip clamp to sustaining or suspending self-supporting aerial fiber cables, wires.

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AC-P12 Anchor Clamp

AC-P12 anchor clamp

ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamp, Dead End Tension Clamp, Plastic Housing

AC-P05/10/12 ADSS Cable Anchoring Clamp is a dead-end grip clamp to sustain or anchor self-supporting aerial fiber cables, and wires.

This dead-end clamp consists of self-adjusting plastic wedges, which clamp the optical fiber cables without damaging the cable jacket. It is suitable for aerial fiber cables with a diameter range of 4mm~14mm.

The stainless steel bail allows the installation of the anchoring clamp on a wall or pole assembled with various anchor brackets or hooks.

As an ADSS cable anchoring tension clamp, our anchor clamp, and pole/wall mounting bracket is available either separately or together as an assembly.


  • An anchoring clamp mounted on the dead-end or turning point of an aerial cable line
  • Suitable for self-supporting aerial and ADSS cables with 4 to 14 mm diameter
  • 3 types of dead-end clamps with adjustable wedges, suitable cables with a specific diameter range
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic body, excellent maximum¬† breaking load performance
  • 350mm or customized loop length
  • pole or wall mounting brackets available

AC-P10 Anchor Clamp

AC-P10 tension clamp

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