650nm Visual Fault Locator Pen Type

VFL-P10 Pen Type 650nm visual fault locator for identifying & locating faults of SM or MM fiber, fiber test tool to dead zone of OTDR, fiber networks

General Details

VFL-P10 Pen Type 650nm visual fault locator has the function of fiber identification and faults locator of SM or MM fiber, it is a helpful fiber optic test tool to the dead zone of OTDR. As well, this pen-type VSL is a basic maintenance tool for an optical fiber network, LAN, ATM fiber communication system.

VFL-P10 Visual Fault Locator.png

VFL-P10 Visual Fault Locator


  • 650nm visual fault locator
  • Support CW and 2Hz modulation work mode
  • Solid: use special laser end design to avoid damage when dropping on the floor
  • Long working hours: use effective laser drive circuit to ensure 1mW/650nm locator can work more than 50 hours continuously
  • Stable power output: use special laser driver circuit, which can ensure stable power output in the low battery
  • 2.5mm universal adapter: use 2.5mm universal adapter, can match SC, FC, ST adapters

visual fault locator.png




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