4U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure 144 Port, 12 Adapter Panels

Q-CONEC 12-panel fiber enclosure rackmount 4U, LGX panels w/ SC, LC, FC, ST, MTP or MPO adapters, max 288 fiber terminations, 1.5mm SPCC

General Details

FOCONEC produces High-Density Q-CONEC 4U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure. It holds 12 LGX fiber adapter panels for SC, LC, FC, ST, or MPO/MTP adapters.

With removable hinged doors & sliding-out inner trays, our 4U rack mount fiber enclosure features front/rear access, which makes optical fiber splices, connections, and cable management flexible & simple.

  • Unit Space: 4U
  • Max Adapters Panels: 12 pcs
  • Termination Capacity: max 288 port

This LGX compatible fiber patch panel enclosures accept fiber optic adapter panels & cassette modules with a standard hole to hole mounting dimension.

In 1, 2, 3, 4 rack unit space, the fiber enclosures could accommodate 3, 6, 9, 12 adapter panels separately, covering a range of 24 port to 288 port fiber cable termination, distribution, connection.

Fiber optic splice trays are available to accommodate optical fiber splices of transferring loose tube fiber trunk cable to fiber optic pigtails required. All fiber adapter panels/plates allow easy & quick installation by means of push-pin fasteners (snap-in latches).

The surface finishing of our 4U fiber enclosure rack mount is powder-coated in black color, cold-rolled steel case provides long-lasting, excellent protection of optical fiber connections.


    • Suitable for 19” and 23” racks or cabinets
    • 16-gauge steel, folded edge design, strong and robust
    • Sliding inner drawer, more convenient fiber cable installations and management
    • 12 adapter plates or fiber cassettes with a standard LGX footprint
    • Variety of 6, 12, 24 port fiber adapter panels
    • SC, LC, FC, ST or MTP/MPO adapters fully loaded
    • Black powder-coated for a long-lasting, rust-resistant surface finishing
    • Extended enclosure depth, allow more working space for splicing applications or cable storage


    • Datacenter, enterprise high-density fiber system
    • Equipment rooms, building entrances, telecommunications closets, etc.
    • Customer premise applications to protect, storage fiber splices, terminations, and distributions

Order Guide:

drawing of 4U rack mount fiber enclosure RME-4RU12P

drawing of 4U rack mount fiber enclosure RME-4RU12P

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