3 Port FWDM Module, Connectors, Steel Tube Type

3 port filter WDM, steel tube packed 1310/1490/1550 FWDM, SC/UPC or customized connectors, wavelength

General Details

FOCONEC manufactures compact steel tube packed 3 port FWDM Module, which has 900um fanout fibers with SC/UPC fiber connectors terminated.

This Filter WDM device has a 1 to 2 port configuration. All three wavelengths are fed into the device through the common input port, then one wavelength is reflected from one output port. As a result, the other two wavelengths pass through the device at the other output port.

Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer (Filter WDM, FWDM) utilizes thin-film filter technology. It combines and separates light to realize bidirectional communication signals at 1310nm 1490nm and 1550nm wavelength in a wide range. 

We supply 3 port FWDM module for the “triple-play”  FTTH systems, multiplexing and demultiplexing three wavelengths at 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm that carry the voice, data and video services.

Filter Wavelength Division Multiplexer provides low insertion loss, high channel isolation, low-temperature sensitivity, and epoxy free optical path. As a PON device, it is extensively used in EDFA, Raman amplifiers, WDM networks, and fiber optics instrumentation.


  • Stainless steel tube package, compact size
  • SC/UPC, SC/UPC, LC/APC, LC/UPC, FC/APC, FC/UPC or ST/UPC connectors terminated
  • Customized port wavelength and connector configuration
  • Wide Operating Wavelength Range
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Ultra Flat Wide Passband
  • High Channel Isolation
  • High Stability and reliability
  • Epoxy-free on Optical Path


  • Optical fiber communication system
  • Optical devices: EDFA, Amplifier, etc
  • Fiber Lasers
  • WDM networks



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