24 Core Fiber Optic Splice Tray, Transparent Cover

FOST-A24F fiber optic splice tray 24 core, transparent cover with label mark for fibers, used in fiber patch panels, enclosure, LIU

General Details

24 Core Fiber Optic Splice Tray, Transparent Cover

FOCONEC manufactures 24 Core Fiber Optic Splice tray FOST-A24F, which is used to store, protect max 24 fusion fiber splices, and access fibers. It is suitable for loose tube or tight buffer fiber cables.

This fiber splice tray/cassette is applicable for rack or wall mount fiber optic patch panels, fiber enclosures, terminal boxes, distribution units, LIU, etc.

Each FOST-A24F fiber splice holds up to 24 fiber splices. Each splice tray can be assembled with a transparent cover to protect the splices from damage.

The splice trays are stackable to realize up to 48, 72, 96, or 144 core fiber splices in fiber enclosures.

24 fiber optic splice tray FOST-A24FWith a label on the cover, It is easy to write down optical fiber information for further checking & managing.


  • 24 core fiber optic splice tray
  • Storage and protect splice fibers
  • Accommodate 24 heat shrinkable fiber splice protector/sleeves
  • ABS material used for a long time & repeatable operation
  • Crystal clear cover with a paper label, easy to manage and record 24 inner fibers
  • Multiple tie-down holes for securing incoming fiber
  • Accommodate standard 40~60mm heat shrink protection sleeves with 2.5mm diameters


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