1U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure SC 36 Port, 3 LGX Adapter Panel

19" 1U rackmount fiber enclosure RME-L1U3P, SC, 36 port, slide-out tray, made of Aluminum, lightweight, black powder-coated

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General Details

FOCONEC produces RFE-L1U3P 1U Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure SC 36 Port. Its inner tray has 3 slots and accepts LGX fiber optic adapter panels or MTP/MPO fiber cassettes.

This 1U fiber patch panel enclosure features front/rear access with hinged, removable panels.

The slidable inner tray gives more flexibility for fiber cable termination, distribution, fusion splice, and excess cable wire storage.

Fiber optic splice trays are available for fiber splices to transfer loose tube fiber trunk cable to fiber optic pigtails.

This rack mount fiber enclosure could be offered empty or with SC fiber adapters, pigtails fully assembled before shipment.


    • Suitable for 19-inch racks or cabinets
    • Stronger and robust structure: 16-gauge steel (1.5mm thickness) or aluminum, folded edges
    • Front/rear access with hinged, removable panels
    • Sliding inner drawer, more convenient fiber cable installations and management
    • Accommodate 3 fiber adapter plates or fiber cassettes with standard LGX footprint
    • 6, 12, 24 port fiber adapter panels for options, covering SC, LC, FC, ST, MTRJ, MPO / MTP connectors
    • 350mm enclosure depth, allow more working space for splicing applications or cable storage
    • Black powder-coated for a long-lasting, rust-resistant surface finishing


    • Datacenter, enterprise high-density fiber system
    • Equipment rooms, building entrances, telecommunications closets, etc.
    • Customer premise applications to protect, storage fiber splices, terminations, and distributions

What is the difference between 2 fiber enclosures of RME-L1P3P & QCRME-1RU3P?

  1. Top Cover: QCRME-1RU3P has 2 covers, one front, one back part. RME-L1U3P is one cover.
  2. Inner Tray: The spring plunger position of QCRME-1RU3P is at the back, in comparison, the spring plunger position of RME-L1U3P is in the front.
  3. Front Panel: QCRME-1RU3P is transparent acrylic panel. In comparison, RME-L1U3P is a metal type, the same as the enclosure body.



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