1U Fiber Storage Panel, Rack Mount Enclosure Box

1U fiber storage patch panel, storage tray, 19" or 21" rack-mounted, high-density fiber cable storage, aluminum box, lightweight, slide type.

General Details

FOCONEC designs & produces 1U fiber cable storage panel box, mounted on 19″/21″ network racks, cabinets for fibers, cables storage.

We use this fiber cable storage patch panel in the telecommunication room, data centers to storage excess fibers and cables. It could make your fiber cable management neat and professional.

The inner drawer could be easily pulled out, cable leading clamps, round cable spools assembled to keep fibers, cable wires in safe bending radius, and maximum storage.

The fiber storage patch panel is made of aluminum alloy or cold-rolled steel. The surface finishing is powder-coated in gray or black color.


  • 1U fiber storage panel
  • Mounted on 19-inch or 21-inch network racks, cabinets
  • Accommodate excess fiber cables, make fiber cable management neat and professional
  • Slide tray with cable leading and round spool, easy cable storage
  • Extended depth for more fiber cable storage
  • Aluminum material used, lightweight
  • Black or gray powder coated


  • Storing excessive lengths of fiber cables, patch cord

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