1U Fiber Patch Panel LC 72 Port, 3 LGX Adapter Panel

SFPP-L1U3P-LC72F LGX fiber patch panel, 1U, adapter panels w/ LC quad adapters, 19" rack-mounted, 72 straight-through fiber connections

General Details

FOCONEC manufactures SFPP-L1U3P 1U rack mount 1U LC Fiber Patch Panel with 3 fiber optic adapter panels, each adapter panel has 6 LC quad adapters, and totally reach up to 72 fiber terminations.

The 4-channel LC quad adapters loaded on this 1U fiber patch panel include single-mode, multimode types in a specific color.

This straight-through rack-mount 1U fiber patch panel has 3 slots, could mount kinds of adapter panels with LGX footprint. It is widely deployed in data centers, equipment rooms, telecommunications closets, or anywhere no need optical fiber splices and cable storage.

straight-through 3-panel fiber patch panel unloaded
LC Fiber Optic Adapter Panel 24 Port, 10 Gigabit OM3 fiber adapter plate
LC Fiber Adapter Panel 24 Port, Multimode fiber adapter plate


  • 1U patch panel, 3 slots, LGX footprint
  • 24 fiber adapter panel with 6 quad LC adapters
  • Up to 72 straight-through LC fiber terminations
  • Single-mode, multimode LC adapters available for options
  • Rack-mounted on 19” racks or cabinets
  • 16 gauge cold rolled steel, folded edge design for strength and robustness
  • Black powder-coated for a long-lasting, rust-resistant finish
  • Cable wire manager optional for easy cable management

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