12 Port Wall Mount Fiber Box w/ One LC Adapter Panel

WFB-L1P-LC12F compact wall mount fiber box, LGX fiber adapter with LC multimode duplex square adapters, 12 port, black powder coated.

General Details

12 Port Wall Mount Fiber Box w/ One LC Adapter Panel

FOCONEC produces compact designed one panel WFB-L1P-LC12F 12 Port Wall Mount Fiber Box with LC adapters, which is deployed to terminate, distribute entrance fiber cables, and protect optical fiber splices.

This one panel 12 port wall mount fiber box offers a better option for terminating fiber optic cables where the expense of a big wall mount fiber enclosure is not desired.

The small size makes this LC fiber optic box ideal for mounting in tight communication closets, racks, or cabinets.

As well, the 12 port wall mount fiber box can be used as a surface mount wall outlet box in house or work area, so to transit outdoor-rated fibers to indoor-rated fibers, no need to install an entire rack enclosure or panel system.

The latch-locked cover allows easy accessibility for managing interior fiber optic cables. The changeable LGX adapter panel gives more flexibility to meet various fiber optic connectivity.


  • Compact design, small dimension, save installation space
  • latch-locked cover, flexible access to inner fibers
  • Standard LGX style adapter panel
  • LC duplex fiber optic adapter loaded, max 12 fiber splices
  • Adapter in blue(SM), green(SM APC), beige(OM1, OM2,) Aqua(OM3) for option
  • 2 cable inlet/outlet
  • Aluminum, lightweight
  • black powder-coated surface

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