12 Port Fiber Optic Distribution Hub, High-strength, Waterproof

FDB-PB012A pole/wall mounted fiber distribution box/hub, 2 cable inlets, 12 drop cable outlets

General Details

12 Port Fiber Optic Distribution Hub, High-strength, Waterproof Enclosure

FOCONEC manufactures FDB-PB012A 12 Port Fiber Optic Distribution Hub Box to terminate and distribute fiber optic cables in fiber optic communication networks, especially in FTTx, and CATV fiber access networks.

Our FDB-PB012A fiber optic distribution hub box is also called fiber distribution unit or fiber termination box, broadly used as an essential telecommunication component in modern fiber optic networks, enabling efficient, reliable, and scalable distribution of optical signals to end-users.

This 12 port fiber optic distribution hub box is made of high-strength plastic, UV resistant, designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, typically weatherproof and used in outdoor. It fully meets the technical requirements of optical fibers and cables, such as the bending radius limits, over-length fiber storage, and the security of fiber splices.

Our 12 port fiber optic distribution hub box features 2 cables inlets and 12 fiber outlets, gives flexible fiber cable termination and distribution. LC or SC adapters, pigtails could be pre-assembled in our factory.


  • FTTx
  • Suitable for corridor, basement room, and building’s outer walls application
  • With the function of the mechanical splice, fusion splice, optical light splitting, wiring distributions

12 fiber distribution hub inner structure


  • Wall-mounted, or pole-mounted with additional fittings
  • 2 cable inlet ports, 12 fiber drop outlet ports
  • Max 12 fiber splices
  • Be made of the high impact plastic
  • SC, LC adapters, or pigtails available
  • Anti-UV, ultraviolet-resistant, and rainfall-resistant

Order Guide:

Product12 port fiber optic distribution hub
Part No.FDB-PB012A
Dimension (LxWxH)292×219×84mm
Cable entries2 No. of fiber cable inlets; 12 Nos. for drop cables
Max. capacity12 cores
AdapterSC, LC
IP ratingIP65

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