10G SFP+ Optical Transceiver Module

General Details

As a new generation of 10 Gigabit optical module, 10G SFP+ Optical Fiber Transceiver Module is in accordance with the ANSI T11 protocol, and meet the 8.5G Fiber Channel and Ethernet 10G applications.

Compare to former XFP optical module, SFP module size is reduced by about 30%, it simplifies the design of the 10G optical module by keeping the basic electro-optical and photoelectric conversion functions and reducing the signal control functions such as SerDes, CDR, EDC, and MAC in the original XFP design, thus the power consumption is also lower.

SFP+ optical transceiver module has the advantages of high density, low power consumption, lower system construction cost, etc. SFP+ transceiver modules are widely used in the field of 10GbE optical fiber data communication and are the mainstream products of 10G modules.

FOCONEC provides a full range of 10G SFP + optical modules:

  • SFP+ 10GBASE-SR 300m (multimode OM3 fiber, 850nm)
  • SFP+ 10GBASE-LR 10-20km(SM fiber)
  • SFP+ 10GBASE-ER 40km(SM fiber)
  • SFP+ 10GBASE-ZR 80/100km(SM fiber)
  • 18-band CWDM SFP+
  • 40-band DWDM SFP+


  • Supports up to 11.3Gb/s bit rates
  • Duplex LC connector
  • Hot-pluggable SFP+ footprint
  • 850nm VCSEL transmitter, PIN photo-detector
  • Up to 300m on 50/125um MMF(2000MHZ.KM)
  • Low power consumption, < 1W
  • Digital Diagnostic Monitor Interface
  • Optical interface compliant to IEEE 802.3ae
  • Electrical interface compliant to SFF-8431
  • Operating case temperature:
  • Commercial: 0~70°C
  • Industrial: -40 to 85 °C



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