Outdoor Fiber Cable Management

Outdoor Fiber Cable Management In Harsh Environments

One typical solution for outdoor fiber cable termination and distribution is fiber optic splice closures, and fiber distribution boxes/hubs, widely used outdoors to terminate, and branch outdoor fiber cables. Considering the harsh environments, our fiber splice closures are made of high-strength PC in black color. All are waterproof and UV resistant.

We have horizontal & vertical splice closures for options, covering a wide range of splice capacity from 24 cores to 288 cores. Using outdoor fiber cable junction boxes, our fiber optic splice closures could be installed in aerial, ducts, or underground.

In-line Type Horizontal Fiber Splice Clousre

In-line Fiber Splice Closure 288 Core, 6 Cable Entry Ports
Inline Fiber Optic Splice Closure 96 Cores, 6 Cable Inlets / Outlets
In-line Fiber Splice Closure 96 Core, 6 Cable Entry Ports

Vertical Fiber Splice Closure

Vertical Fiber Splice Closure 96 Core, Mechanical Seal
Aerial Fiber Splice Closure, 2 Cable Ports, 96 Core
Vertical Fiber Splice Closure 48 Core, Heat Shrink Seal
GJS-DM406 Vertical Fiber Splice Closure 240 Core, 6 Cable Entry Port, Mechanical Seal

Outdoor Fiber Distribution Hub

12 Port Fiber Optic Distribution Hub, High-strength, Waterproof enclosure
24 Port Fiber Optic Distribution Hub, High-strength, Waterproof box
wall / pole mounting 4 port fiber distribution box hub
Fiber Optic Distribution Hub, Wall Mount Splitter Box 8 Port

Fiber Cabling Accessories

For high-efficiency fiber cable termination, leading, storage and management, we offer kinds accessories, such as fiber optic splice trays, fusion fiber splice protector sleeves, spools, blank plugs, etc.

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