LGX Fiber Enclosure, Patch Panel

LGX fiber enclosure and patch panel are designed to hold LGX fiber adapter panels or fiber cassettes. Our LGX fiber cabling system is completely compatible with industry-standard LGX cassettes, adapter panels. It allows for easy customization to meet various fiber cable termination, management, and networking requirements.

Our rackmount fiber enclosure, patch panels are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 rack unit height, and are capable of maximumly terminating 72, 144, 216, and 288 fiber for LC connectors.  Except for LC connectors, our fiber enclosures, patch panels are suitable to termination SC, FC, ST, MTP, MPO, and other customary fiber connectors.

No matter wall or rack-mounted fiber enclosures, patch panels, we could have splice cassettes, fiber splice protectors, cable storage spools, and fiber pigtails pre-assembled in our factory.

FOCONEC offers a full range of solutions for the LGX fiber cabling system, and we make your fiber cable management simple, cost-saving and high-efficiency.

LGX Compatible Fiber Enclosure & Patch Panels

Front & Back Slide-out Tray / Removeable Front & Back Door Panel / Removeable Top Covers / Adjustable Mounting Brackets for 19″ & 21″ Racks

Straight-through Fiber Patch Panel

Straight-through Fiber Connectivity / Optional Cable Management Frame / 1U, 2U Height / 19″ rack Mounted

Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures / Boxes

4-panel, 2-panel & Single-panel / Wall or DIN Rail Mounted  / Double-door & Single-door Access

Adapter Panels & Fiber Cassettes

Fiber Adapter Panel for 6 SC Duplex or LC Quad Adapters

Fiber Adapter Panel for 4 ST or FC Simplex Adapters

Fiber Adapter Panel for 6 SC Simplex or LC Duplex Adapters

Fiber Adapter Panel for 6 Duplex LC Square Adapter

Cable Wire Management

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