LC Fiber Optic Pigtails

What Are LC Pigtails?

LC Fiber pigtails are widely used to splice with entrance fiber cable in rack mount, wall mount fiber patch panels, enclosures, and outlet boxes, then realized the connection with optical transmission devices.

An LC fiber pigtail is a single-fiber or multi-fiber cable with LC connectors terminated on one end, and another end keeps open for future splicing with entrance fiber cables.

According to fiber types, our single-fiber LC pigtails include the following:

LC pigtails package

Types of LC Pigtails

To meet different applications in a patch panel, splice enclosure, distribution box, wall outlet, LIU, etc, the length of a pigtail cable could be:

  • 1 meter
  • 1.5 meters
  • 2 meters

For a single-mode fiber pigtail, the LC connector could be UPC or APC polished. And LC connectors of multimode fiber pigtail are all UPC polished.

LC/APC Pigtail Single-mode OS2

LC pigtail Multimode OM4

Except for single-fiber pigtails, FOCONEC produces multi-strand fiber pigtails, such as:

12 Fiber LC Pigtails, Color-Coded

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