LC Fiber Optic Adapters

What Are LC Fiber Optic Adapters?

LC fiber optic adapters are used to couple LC connectors & LC connectors. It is produced with plastic housings and precisely assembled with ceramic coupling sleeves.

LC fiber adapters have simplex, duplex, and quad types. According to your mounting dimension, LC duplex adapters have SC type, and square type available. SC type LC duplex adapter has the same mounting hole dimension as the one SC simplex adapter. LC quad adapter is a kind of 4-core adapter, it’s mounting hole position is compatible with the one for the SC duplex adapter.

Short flange LC Adapters


LC duplex adapter multimode, short flange type

LC duplex adapter, short flange type

For different applications, SC-type LC duplex & quad adapters have standard flange & short flange types for options. Short flange LC fiber optic adapters/couplers are with reduced mounting flange, with no screw holes, to save mounting space, more suitable for high-density fiber connections.

Square Type Snap Mount LC Duplex Adapters

LC duplex adapter square type high to high symmetrical

LC duplex adapter square, symmetrical type

LC duplex adapter square type high to low unsymmetrical

LC duplex adapter square, unsymmetrical type

Except for duplex LC fiber optic adapters/couplers with SC mounting footprint, there are square type LC duplex fiber optic adapters, which are snap-in mounted, with no need to fix by screws. We have 2 types of snap mount LC duplex adapters available: unsymmetrical(high to low) & symmetrical(high to high) type.

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