Fiber Optic Keystone Jacks

Fiber optic keystone jacks/inserts provide a means & flexibility of adding fiber optic functionality to the home or office. We can use them in wall plates, ethernet patch panels for voice, video, and data networking.

Fiber keystone jacks are available with single-mode, multimode SC, LC, ST adapter assembled. They provide the flexibility of having high-speed fiber connections for a domestic network.

FKSB - xx (adapter type assembled)
SCSM SC Single-mode Simplex Adapter
SCA SC/APC Single-mode Simplex Adapter
SCM1 SC Multimode Simplex Adapter
SCM3 SC Multimode OM3/OM4 Adapter
LCSM LC Single-mode Simplex Adapter
LCASM LC/APC Single-mode Simplex Adapter
LCM1 LC Multimode Simplex Adapter
LCM3 LC Multimode OM3/OM4 Adapter
FC FC Simplex Adapter
ST ST Simplex Adapter

angled patch panel 24 port 1u

Blank Ethernet Patch Panel

FOCONEC offers keystone jacks, made of plastics in black color or white color. It is modular designed, with a standard footprint, snap-in installed in wall plates, blank ethernet patch panels, surface mount boxes, interchangeable, and replaceable.

Our Fiber keystone jacks are made to operate under rough conditions (-20°C to +70°C), delivering long-time steady network performance. All adapters assembled are with ceramic mating sleeves, so to realize low insertion feedthrough connector to connector coupling. Steel clips on LC/SC adapters are made of stainless steel for sturdy connections.

FOCONEC is your one-stop shop for all networking equipment. We have blank keystone patch panels to go with fiber optic keystone jacks. They could be 12 port to up to 48 port patch panels with 1U/2U rack space, allowing a combination of Ethernet, fiber, and telco connections in one central location. We also supply shielded blank patch panels for installation in electrically sensitive areas.

Our fiber optic components, devices for PON networks are manufactured with superior quality materials to maintain peak uptime and reliability.

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