Fiber Cable Management In Data Centers

Fiber Cable Management In Data Centers

As a successful service provider, FOCONEC designs and manufactures kind of fiber optic cable management Solutions to organize and protect the fiber optic cables, features lower operation costs, greater performance reliability & flexibility.Data Center fiber patch panel, fiber optic cable wire, management solutions

When we deploy fiber optic products and form a fiber network, there would be hundreds or even thousands of optical fiber linkings between the optical devices. The management of fiber cables has a direct impact on network reliability, performance, and cost. Except for protecting fiber cable links, it is important to operate and maintain the network, reconfigure and expand the network, restore service, and implement new services quickly.

Successful fiber cable Management Solutions provide:

  • Excellent fiber termination protection
  • Fiber bend radius protection
  • Cable routing paths
  • Cable accessibility
  • Physical protection of the fiber network

Indoor Cable Management System

FOCONEC products rack/wall mount fiber enclosures, patch panels, terminal boxes, fiber distribution hubs, wall outlet, for indoor fiber cable management in data centers, telecommunication rooms, building closets, etc.

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