Elementor #9823

DIN Rail Compatible
Wall Mount Fiber box LGX Adapter Panel

Widely used in telecommunication closets, data centers, indoor as wall outlet box, 2 port for MPO/MTP adapters to realized interconnection in high-density fiber system. 

One-panel DIN Rail Fiber Enclosure Box, SC Adapter Panel, 12 Port

standard & customary fiber optic connectivity and cabling solutions

experienced engineers, workers, make work simple & trustable

quick feedback to customers, fast lead time, safety transshipment

qualified products, stable performance, quality warranty

Customized Design
boost your fiber business

FOCONEC has an experienced engineer team, focusing on designing fiber panels, enclosures, and accessories. We can make your fiber cabling work simple, effective and efficiency.

Active Installs
8 Port SC Adapter Panel in Fiber Patch Panel

Rack Mount Panels

19″ / 21″ rack mounted, industrial LGX adapter panels, 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U fiber enclosures

Fiber Networking

2x32 PLC Splitter, LC/APC Connectors, ABS Box Package

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