DWDM ITU Channel Guide

The standard ITU-T G.694.1 restricts DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) operation wavelengths between 1528.77 nm to 1560.61 nm, which mainly corresponds to the C band. The CWDM ITU channel spacing is 100 GHz (0.8nm) for 40 channels.

optical wavelength bands

optical wavelength bands DWDM

  • O-Band: 1270nm to 1370nm
  • E-Band: 1371nm to 1470nm
  • S-Band: 1471nm to 1530nm
  • C-Band: 1531nm to 1570nm
  • L-Band: 1571nm to 1611nm

Note: For 200GHz spacing use either odd or even numbered channels.



ITU Grid: C-Band, 100 GHz Spacing

ITU Grid: C-Band, 100 GHz Spacing
DWDM ITU ChannelWavelength (in nm)Frequency (in THz)
72 (DWDM Channel C72)1520.25197.20
71 (DWDM Channel C71)1521.02197.10
70 (DWDM Channel C70)1521.79197.00
69 (DWDM Channel C69)1522.56196.90
68 (DWDM Channel C68)1523.34196.80
67 (DWDM Channel C67)1524.11196.70
66 (DWDM Channel C66)1524.89196.60
65 (DWDM Channel C65)1525.66196.50
64 (DWDM Channel C64)1526.44196.40
63 (DWDM Channel C63)1527.22196.30
62 (DWDM Channel C62)1527.99196.20
61 (DWDM Channel C61)1528.77196.10
60 (DWDM Channel C60)1529.55196.00
59 (DWDM Channel C59)1530.33195.90
58 (DWDM Channel C58)1531.12195.80
57 (DWDM Channel C57)1531.90195.70
56 (DWDM Channel C56)1532.68195.60
55 (DWDM Channel C55)1533.47195.50
54 (DWDM Channel C54)1534.25195.40
53 (DWDM Channel C53)1535.04195.30
52 (DWDM Channel C52)1535.82195.20
51 (DWDM Channel C51)1536.61195.10
50 (DWDM Channel C50)1537.40195.00
49 (DWDM Channel C49)1538.19194.90
48 (DWDM Channel C48)1538.98194.80
47 (DWDM Channel C47)1539.77194.70
46 (DWDM Channel C46)1540.56194.60
45 (DWDM Channel C45)1541.35194.50
44 (DWDM Channel C44)1542.14194.40
43 (DWDM Channel C43)1542.94194.30
42 (DWDM Channel C42)1543.73194.20
41 (DWDM Channel C41)1544.53194.10
40 (DWDM Channel C40)1545.32194.00
39 (DWDM Channel C39)1546.12193.90
38 (DWDM Channel C38)1546.92193.80
37 (DWDM Channel C37)1547.72193.70
36 (DWDM Channel C36)1548.51193.60
35 (DWDM Channel C35)1549.32193.50
34 (DWDM Channel C34)1550.12193.40
33 (DWDM Channel C33)1550.92193.30
32 (DWDM Channel C32)1551.72193.20
31 (DWDM Channel C31)1552.52193.10
30 (DWDM Channel C30)1553.33193.00
29 (DWDM Channel C29)1554.13192.90
28 (DWDM Channel C28)1554.94192.80
27 (DWDM Channel C27)1555.75192.70
26 (DWDM Channel C26)1556.55192.60
25 (DWDM Channel C25)1557.36192.50
24 (DWDM Channel C24)1558.17192.40
23 (DWDM Channel C23)1558.98192.30
22 (DWDM Channel C22)1559.79192.20
21 (DWDM Channel C21)1560.61192.10
20 (DWDM Channel C20)1561.42192.00
19 (DWDM Channel C19)1562.23191.90
18 (DWDM Channel C18)1563.05191.80
17 (DWDM Channel C17)1563.86191.70
16 (DWDM Channel C16)1564.68191.60
15 (DWDM Channel C15)1565.50191.50
14 (DWDM Channel C14)1566.31191.40
13 (DWDM Channel C13)1567.13191.30
12 (DWDM Channel C12)1567.95191.20
11 (DWDM Channel C11)1568.67191.10
10 (DWDM Channel C10)1569.59191.00
9 (DWDM Channel C09)1570.42190.90
8 (DWDM Channel C08)1571.24190.80
7 (DWDM Channel C07)1572.06190.70
6 (DWDM Channel C06)1572.89190.60
5 (DWDM Channel C05)1573.71190.50
4 (DWDM Channel C04)1574.54190.40
3 (DWDM Channel C03)1575.37190.30
2 (DWDM Channel C02)1576.20190.20
1 (DWDM Channel C01)1577.03190.10

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