FOCONEC dedicates to designdevelop and deliver reliable & intelligent fiber optic connectivity solutions for communication system.

Leveraging years’ experience of serving our global customers, we provides a wide range of fiber optic products & solutions for Industrial, Education, Medical, Government and Military sectors. We help customers create high efficiency, cost saving interconnections or cross connections through a comprehensive line of fiber cable assemblies, splitters, patch panels / enclosures, optical devices etc.

What Can FOCONEC Do For You?

Complete Fiber Connectivity Solutions

Protect & Manage Fiber Connectivity

Success Fiber Access To Home & Wort Area

  • Standard Simplex Fiber Patch Cords & Duplex Fiber Patch Cords

The simplex / duplex fiber patch cord are built on indoor simplex or duplex fiber cables, coming in PVC riser, plenum or LSZH jackets. The fiber types include single mode G652D, single mode G657.A, Multimode 50/125, multimode 62.5/125, OM3, OM4 etc. With connectors terminated, we offer LC, SC, ST, FC, MTRJ, DIN, D4, MU, E2000 fiber patch cords.

  • Factory pre-terminated Multi-strand Fiber Patch Cables

Our multi strand fiber optic patch cables are produced with indoor trunk or ribbon cables with 2 to max 144 cores with 900 μm diameters. For trunk cables with more than 24 cores, the fibers are bundled into subunits of 6-(24F), 8-(48F) or 12-fibers each. Each subunit is identified and the individual fibers within the subunits are color-coded. For ribbon cables, individual 250 μm bare fibers are constructed as a ribbon, each fiber color coded. Then the ribbon fibers are packed in one outer flat ribbon Jacket. All the trunk or ribbon cables could be terminated with connectors one end(pigtail) or both ends.

  • Rack/wall mount Patch Panels, Enclosures

Our rack / wall mount fiber enclosures are used to provides splicing and patching of fiber optic terminations. The rack mount fiber enclosures are available for 19 inch or 23 inch racks or cabinets. With standard 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U height, the splicing capacity covers a wide range of 12 to 288 fibers.

As a high density cabling solution, we offer Q-Conec rack or wall mount fiber enclousres using industry standard LGX adapter plates or panals. All panels can be ordered empty or pre-configured to your specifications. All Q-Conec fiber enclosures feature front and rear latching doors and slide-out trays with stops to prevent stress on delicate fibers.

  • Adaptor Panels, Plug & Play MTP/MPO Cassettes, Splitter Modules

Our adapter panels, MPO cassettes and splitter modules are with standard LGX mounting holes, which could be used all rack or wall mount fiber enclosures, panels using LGX panels. Empty or fully loaded adapters are available as per customer requirement. Blank adapter panels are available and used to cover panel positions not used.

  • Fused Fiber Coupler, PLC Fiber Optic Splitter

Our optical splitters are available in FBT and PLC types, which are widely used in PON, GEPON networks. For different installation requirement, our splitters have different package dimensions, such as small steel tube, ABS box, Tray, cassette module, 19 inch rack mounted panel.

  • Fiber Optic Adaptors, Attenuators

We offer standard fiber optic adapters, hybrid adapters, covering LC, SC, FC, ST, MU, DIN, MTRJ, MPO connectors, and using ceramic mating sleeves with lower insertion loss.

Male to female plug type fiber optic attenuator& female to female adapter type attenuators are available with a range of 1 to 30dB attenuation value, and single mode or multimode fiber for option.

  • Racks & Cabinets
  • Fiber Cabling Management Accessories
  • Fiber Splicing and Test Tools for field installation
  • OEM solutions

How FOCONEC Deliver Best Service

Customer Focus

Customer Centered

All our products and service are helping customers to realize successful fiber connectivity and cable management.

Experienced Engineers & Workers

Experienced Engineers, Workers

Trained engineers and works make us better understand our customers, quick response to their need, and produce qualified fiber optic products.

Certified Materials

Certified Materials

UL, RoHS certified and environment friendly material used, flame retardant LSZH, OFNR, OFNP fiber cable for data center, building cabling.

Quality Control & After Service

Quality Control & After Service

We set up quality system to promise our products effectively tested in process and before delivery. All fiber optics will be long time quality guaranteed.

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