Fiber Optic Connectivity, Cabling Solutions For Data Center, Enterprise Networks

Strong Connections & Better Solutions

Trained Engineers & Workers

Experiences engineer & workers, highly aware of their role and influence on FIBER OPTIC products, dedicate to realize qualified, cost-effective connectivity solutions in Fiber Access Network.

Effective Cost Controlling

Optimized production equipment, process, integrated management system enable us to lower cost of fiber optic products, help customers to achieve budgeting goals of fiber links.

Quality Warranty & Service

Under normal usage, 1-5 year limited warranty is available for fiber optic cables, patch panels, enclosures splitters, accessories. All products are with lifetime after-sale service.

Strictly Quality Controlling

Choosing best materials, strict production process control, 100% tested fiber cable assemblies, splitters, WDMs, passive optical devices, complete test reports are available for customer audits.

Flexible, Cost Saving Fiber Optic Solutions

tailored connectivity solutions to meet Data Center, Enterprise & Service Provider’s high density and structured fiber cabling.

LGX Compatible Fiber Enclosures

more adapter panels available, standard mount footprint, flexible configuration for your fiber cable management.

2U q-conec rack mount fiber enclosure, distribution patch panel 48, 72, 144 port
MPO-LC OM4 Cassette Module 24 Fibers, LGX Footprint

MPO / MTP Fiber Cassette Modules

  • Standard LGX Footprint
  • MPO / MTP to LC Fiber Optic Patch Cables, Adapters Fully Loaded
  • 12 / 24 fiber available
  • Single-mode, OM3, OM4, or OM5 Fiber
  • Standard Loss or Low Loss(Elite Connectors) for Options

MTP Fiber Trunk Cable Assemblies For Backbone

  • USCONEC MTP or SENKO MPO connectors used
  • 8, 12, 24 cores fiber trunk cables
  • Elite connectors for low insertion, high speed transmission
  • Customized polarity for options

MTP to LC OM3 8 fiber patch cable
fixed 1u fiber patc panel, changeable front panel

Fixed Fiber Patch Panel w/ Changeable Front Panel

  • Fixed 1U, 2U fiber patch panel
  • Changeable front panel, flexible compatibility
  • One-body panel, 3 LGX slots panel, HD 4 slots panel for options
  • 12, 24, 36, 48, 96 core fiber terminations

New Products

DIN Rail Mountable Wall Fiber Enclosure

single-panel wall mount fiber enclosure, DIN rail compatible by adding DIN rail Clip, LGX adapter panels available, 12 core fiber splices, 24 core SC, LC, ST, FC connector to connector terminations.

4 Panel Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

4-panel type wall mount fiber enclosure, a single door for quick fiber termination, cable management, LGX compatible, suitable for 24, 48, or max 96 core fiber splice terminations.

4-panel Straight-through Fiber Panel

19″ inch rack mount 1RU fiber patch panel, with 4 adapter panels, max 48/96 core fiber connector to fiber connector coupling terminations, cable management bracket assembled

Featured Products

Fiber Optic Adapter Panels

6, 12, 24 port fiber adapter panels are available, with SC, LC, FC, ST, MPO adapters loaded, LGX & custom designed to meet more fiber panels, enclosures

MTP/MPO Fiber Trunks

multi cores fiber trunks in single mode, multimode OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5 fibers, with elite or standard MTP or MPO connectors pre-terminated


FWDM, CWDM, and DWDM for fiber access networks, provide flexibility to increase the capacity of existing fibers, and create more connection over single fiber

Fiber Cable Breakout Kits

pre-assembled 6, 12, 24 core breakout kits, used to terminate trunk fiber cables, harnessed, flexible solution for backbone fiber cabling system.

Solutions We Can Do For You

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