single mode G657. A2 Bend Insensitive fiber optic patch cord / cable duplex

Along with fast development of Fiber To The Home - FTTH, high density fiber cable wire connectivity and installation, fibers with small bending radius are more and more used in fiber links.

FOCONEC offers bend insensitive fiber optic cables and produces bend insensitive fiber optic patch cords. Now our bend insensitive fiber patch cables are available in single mode G657.A1, G657.A2, G657.B2, Multimode OM2, OM3, OM4.

FOCONEC suppliers single mode BI cable in either simplex, duplex, or distribution cable with 6 or 12 individual tight buffer fibers inside, and a variety of pre-terminated fiber optic cable assemblies using the BI fiber cable, covering a wide range of:

Single mode Simplex SC/SC cables
Single mode Duplex SC/SC cables
Single mode Simplex LC/LC cables
Single mode Duplex LC/LC cables
Single mode Duplex LC/SC cables
Single mode Duplex LC/LC cables
Patch cable with customized connectors, including FC, ST, DIN, D4, MU, MTRJ etc.
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